Summer Emotions

These last couple days have been the most peaceful I’ve ever had. I’ve been taking care of my body and mind, and also paying close attention to how I have been feeling mentally. I also spent a couple of the days with my boyfriend and spent some time with him in nature. We came across two baby groundhogs that were sick, so we carefully scooped them up and brought them to a wildlife sanctuary where they are being cared for and treated. They were brothers and I named them Chubby and Winston.

A lot of people gave me some odd looks when I told them that I had held them and brought them to receive care. My question to them was, “If you were sick and not feeling well and could barely move, wouldn’t you want to be cared for?”. I understand that they are wild animals and obviously I can not know how they are truly feeling, but they both were sick and have a hard time breathing and deserved a chance.

Being kind to other beings doesn’t just mean humans. It’s any other living thing that you may encounter in your life. I try to have empathy for everything living being that I come across, so when I saw Chubby and Winston I couldn’t help be get them to a place where they will be cared for and treated. Obviously they were not to thrilled to be picked up and placed in a car, but once they were snuggled up in some blankets with a heating pad at the sanctuary they seemed to calm down and started to rest.


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