Busy Busy

This week leading up to finals has kept me from posting, let alone find time to meditate. I know that it will be worth it though and I’ll have the whole summer to focus and work on my practice. Every now and then I do a little bit of mindful breathing in between study breaks so I don’t go crazy trying to learn all the terms for my psychology class and which philosopher came up with the categorical imperative, (Its Kant by the way). Just one more week and I’ll be in the comfort of my own bed and my stress level will go down somewhat. I’m taking summer classes to get some courses out-of-the-way but those will not be nearly as hard as the ones I’ll be taking next semester.

Till then I’m just going to continue to be gentle with myself and put away time to take some breaks and get up and walk. All of this hard work will be worth it when I’m a nurse with a minor in psychology and I can begin to help others who need it. I’ll be able to spread that compassion to other beings and help them awaken their own bodhichitta hopefully. I wish the best to you all and hope you have a wonderful day and find the compassion inside you and every single person.


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